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At MOVE IT, our aim is to be at the forefront of the rapidly expanding on-demand space in the logistics and transport sectors by providing consumers an innovative, responsive and easy-to-use service tool that promises to deliver a truly enjoyable and satisfying total customer experience – the MOVE IT App.

The MOVE IT App is a commercial mobile app that conveniently enables the booking and provision of a variety of on-demand services between customers and duly accredited service providers, all in one easy and hassle-free platform. Initially available for booking are Parcel pick-up and delivery (padala) services, Food delivery (Move Eat) Buy for me (pabili) services, and the MotoTaxi ride hailing services within Metro Manila and its adjacent towns. Other popular services like Huge parcel delivery, Car ride-hailing, and a host of other on-demand services shall be activated in due time.

We are aware of the vast opportunities that advancements in technology like app-based services bring – as a magical service tool to consumers and businesses as end-users, as a socio-economic upliftment tool being a new source of income to individuals and households as service providers, and as an innovative vehicle to serve for business enterprises, among many others. We recognized the need for more serious players in the on-demand sphere to address its growing underserved market, and also saw the opportunity to offer a better alternative for the patrons of existing app-based on-demand services. And thus, the MOVE IT App came to fruition.

At the center of MOVE IT’s operating framework and thrust are its customers. And unlike other technology-based service companies, we define our customers as both the end-users who seek our service and our accredited service providers as well. Our providers are valuable individual business partners currently made up of participating riders who perform actual delivery services to customers, who are earning a decent living doing something they like doing through the MOVE IT App, and who passionately share our customer-centric thrust.


We commit to serve our customers the best way we can and to always strive to do better and give our customers not just the service that they demand but the high level of service experience they deserve.


To be the app brand of choice for on-demand services across the broad consumer and business spectrum that we serve.

To be a permanently available option for income opportunities especially for the unemployed and underemployed individuals in our society.


To provide the best possible functional, relevant, and engaging app that will enable our customers to have the services they seek, on-demand, in a manner that is convenient, safe, and reliable.

To allow customers to feel and enjoy the enormous benefits of technology and the promised convenience it brings even for their smallest everyday logistical, transport, and other on-demand service needs by providing them with a handy one-stop-shop app that is simple and easy to use.

To provide our customers with prompt and secure delivery of goods and services through our service providers with a signature friendly and “carry as if your own” mentality in handling deliveries. 

To provide opportunities for a decent and rewarding source of livelihood to unemployed individuals, and even additional income to currently employed ones, and in our own little way contribute to the improvement of their lives.




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MOVE IT will onboard at least 6,000 driver-partners within 3 months