Provider's Terms & Conditions

  1. I shall use any and all of the Gears/Merchandising Materials only for official MOVE IT trips (i.e., Ride/Hail-Ride/Parcel Delivery booked via the MOVE IT App), and only for the purpose or function they have been provided for.

  2. I acknowledge that all Gears/Merchandising Materials with MOVE IT name or Logo are the exclusive property of MOVE IT.

  3. I promise to keep all Gears/Merchandising Materials in good order and condition (ordinary wear and tear accepted) to protect the image of the brand MOVE IT.

  4. If I lose or damage (except by ordinary wear and tear) any Gear/Merchandising Material issued to me, then I shall be held liable to pay MOVE IT for said lost or damaged item(s) at the current market prices to cover the cost of its(their) replacement.

  5. I shall report to MOVE IT any lost or damaged Gear/Merchandising Material within 24 hours after the occurrence of such loss or damage.

  6. I will NOT in any way lend, lease or sell any of the Gears/Merchandising Materials to anybody.

  7. I will return all Gears/Merchandising Materials to MOVE IT without the necessity of demand at any time MOVE IT asks me to return them.

  8. I accept that I shall be subjected to disciplinary sanctions by MOVE IT, including but not limited to monetary penalties, deactivation, or outright termination from the MOVE IT System, as the case may warrant, should I be found in violation of any of the above restrictions.

  9. I will post a Cash Performance Bond, in the amount of P2,500.00 that will be automatically deducted from my app wallet at P156.25 weekly until fully paid upon activation of my account to ensure that I will faithfully perform the duties as a registered service provider of MOVE IT, promote and protect the integrity of the MOVE IT App, Brand, and System, and strictly abide by the Policies, Terms & Conditions/Terms of Use and Operating Guidelines of MOVE IT, and all applicable laws and regulations.

  10. I agree that the Performance Bond shall be forfeited, in whole or in part, in favor of, and at the sole discretion of MOVE IT if I violate any provision under the MOVE IT Terms & Conditions/Terms of Use and Operating guidelines and applicable laws and regulations; and to cover for losses and/or damages that I have caused upon the MOVE IT System, property, assets, personnel, or the Company itself.

  11. I agree that a partial forfeiture of the Performance Bond may happen if a monetary penalty/fine/charge is meted out on me and if I fail to pay the fine within the prescribed time. Once a partial forfeiture has been applied to a Performance Bond, the Participating Rider will be put on a temporary Inactive Status until he/she pays the fine, and in effect, replenishes the forfeited portion of the Bond.

  12. I agree that the Performance Bond shall be returned to me within 60 days from my deactivation from the MOVE IT System, under the following conditions:

           a)     If I have not committed any infraction or violation of the MOVE IT Terms & Conditions/Terms of Use & Operation                                       Guidelines, and applicable laws and regulations, which will warrant a partial or full forfeiture of the Bond;

           b)     If I have been able to complete total service bookings worth P25,000.00, provided the Bond is not subject to any full or                           partial forfeiture proceedings or judgment; and

           c)     If I have surrendered to MOVE IT all Service Merchandise issued to me. My failure to return items may mean a deduction                       of the item cost (at prevailing brand-new prices) from the refundable Performance Bond, or forfeiture of the entire                                   Performance Bond as deemed just and appropriate by MOVE IT management.